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The Tax Man Gets Punched in the Metaphorical Face with New Bill Signed Into Law

When there is bipartisan agreement that the tax man needs to be taxed in his effort, or her, in the event the tax woman is a woman, well, one must ask oneself if it is political Christmas.  That’s just what appears to have taken place so, if you’re a bit on the wrong side of the tax woman, or tax man, if you happen to be a man who is a tax man, you might give out a bit of a Bronx Cheer to the IRS handlers, the congress and the President of the United States of mother freaking America (insert obligated internal humming of the Beatles song, The Taxman, here).
The Daily Signal -President Donald Trump signed a bipartisan bill Monday to force greater accountability on the IRS in the property seizures, as well as protect taxpayers from identity theft, boost whistleblower protections, and modernize the tax agency.
“We just finished signing, the important signing, of the Taxpayer First bill, the IRS Taxpayer First, which is a tremendous thing for our citizens having to deal with the IRS,” Trump told reporters after the signing. “It streamlines and so many other changes are made. That was just done and signed. It’s been made into law. So we are all set on that.”     
The new law, the Taxpayer First Act, requires the IRS to show probable cause that the smaller transactions were made in order to evade financial reporting requirements.  | go to source

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Northampton Area School Board Exchanges District Improvements for Warehouse Development Approval

The Northampton Area School Board is horse-trading with warehouse developer JW Development Partners. In exchange for school board approval of plant construction plans, the developer will also further develop and maintain some district property.
Allentown Morning Call – The board Monday approved an indemnification and maintenance agreement between JW Development Partners, East Allen Township and the district that addresses stormwater maintenance facilities and a traffic signal to be installed at the future intersection of Nor-Bath Boulevard and the realigned Seemsville Roadd.  As part of the development of his Northampton Business Center, including six warehouses totaling nearly 2.5 million square feet between Seemsville and Howertown roads, Jaindl will extend Seemsville Road east into East Allen Township across 13.5 acres of a 92-acre parcel owned by the district. | go to source

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Bethlehem Protest Ordinance Draws……Protests

WFMZ -Bethlehem Mayor Robert Donchez indefinitely pulled an ordinance from Bethlehem City Council’s Tuesday night agenda requiring demonstrators to obtain a city permit before engaging in a protest…..The ordinance pulled Tuesday night requires that six or more individuals who wish to stage a protest obtain a city permit five days before it occurs. An exception in the proposed law waives the five-day requirement if the protest is in response to a current event.   Should the law eventually be enacted, those that fall under its guidelines will be required to pay a permit application fee and complete an application. Law enforcement officials will then review the application for any potential issues they believe would likely require a larger police presence. | go to source

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Pot Store to Come to Bethlehem Township….Maybe

WFMZ   –  Bethlehem Township commissioners held a hearing on allowing a medical marijuana dispensary to open in the township.  Justice Grown, which operates a dispensary in Luzerne County and plans to open another in Lackawanna County, wants to open a dispensary at 3650 Nazareth Pike (Linden Street). | go to source

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Bethlehem Super Sells Taxes at School Board Meeting, Card Included

A new addition to Bethlehem Area School District tax bills: What you get for your money – Allentown Morning Call

At a school board committee meeting Monday, Superintendent Joseph Roy held up a card that gives information on how many students Bethlehem Area educates and some highlights of the education the district provides. Copies of that card are going to go out with property tax bills, Roy said….

…On one side, the card says: “Thanks to your tax dollars, BASD educates 13,700 students across our 22 schools. Our students benefit from your support and, in return, they create our future as parents, employers, employees, civic and business leaders.”

It thanks the taxpayer “for your part in building Bethlehem and investing in our future.” | go to source

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The Coplay-Northampton Connection Broken by a 3-Year Bridge Rebuild

Coplay-Northampton bridge to close soon for three years – WFMZ Allentown

Some people in the Lehigh Valley are preparing to find a new way to get around town after learning a popular bridge will be closing down for years.

The Coplay-Northampton Bridge crosses the Lehigh River and is the most convenient way to travel back and forth between the two municipalities. | go to source

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Don’t Worry Students, Those Bus Pass Deals Won’t End with the Summer

Discount student bus passes will continue over the summer in Allentown, Bethlehem –

The Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority’s $1 student passes are sold at district schools and offices during the school year.

LANTA Executive Director Owen O’Neil said the school’s chose whether to make the passes available during summer break, and continue selling them out of the district locations. | go to source