broc flower cave map

Inhabitants: First Sergeant Astor and NCR troopers, Private Kyle Edwards, Logan and his prospector companions. He can unlock the door for you at the price of 100 caps, or you can try pickpocket the key from him, or simply kill him for the key. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap. The building also serves as a mess hall and storage area. Nopah Cave is a small ancient cavern. Notable loot: Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor, Tales of Chivalrie, True Police Stories, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (2). The Powder Ganger Camp South consists of an overturned train container leaning against a rock, with two large rectangular pieces of scrap functioning as a roof. Classic Inspiration (Take a picture of the HELIOS One sign). Once the player has found the first map it can be accessed by pressing M, to zoom in press the RMB and pressing F will bring up the player smart watch. After that Julie Farkas at the Old Mormon Fort will offer you membership of the Followers and give you the key. Callville Bay is a former boat dock beside Lake Mead. Related quest: We Will All Go Together (This is the location that Private Edwards will go to if you tell him that there are many places to go). One hangar houses the remaining parts of a B-29 bomber, while the other is used to house the VR terminals, used to train pilots. It is an old farm, overrun by fire ants. The area is now highly radioactive. This mod adds a shack on the overhang above the Broc Flower Cave entrance. Notable loot: Knock-Knock (a unique variant of the fire axe), and Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the fire station; Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual, and Mini Nukes (2) or Holy Frag Grenades (3) in the Church basement; Meeting People in the home. Notable loot: Lying, Congressional Style; Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap. There's some minor loot at the bottom, including an ammunition box and a long-dead adventurer with a knife and a .357 Magnum revolver in the middle, together with … Factions: Goodsprings, Powder Gangers (possibly). ive gone back to lady jane but it only gives me the 'goodbye' option when i talk to her. Ivanpah Dry Lake is a vast expanse of sand with a small hill in the center with a harvestable honey mesquite pod and a burned-out car. Notable loot: Mercy (a unique variant of the 40mm grenade machinegun), Brotherhood T-45d power armor. : [Aberillan_map.jpg] [Abermenai_map.jpg] [Aegirs_Landing_map.jpg] [Aerus_City_map.jpg] [Agramon_map.jpg] [Albions_Abandoned_Mines_map.jpg] [Albions_Darkspire_map.jpg] [Albions_Frontlines_map.jpg] [Albions_Glashtin_Forge_map… This location is reached via a cave exit in Fire Root Cavern. Young Hearts (Pairing Jack of Nellis with Janet). Buildings: Doc Mitchell's House, Prospector Saloon, Goodsprings General Store, Goodsprings Schoolhouse, Goodsprings Gas Station, Goodsprings Home (4), Victor's shack. The Powder Ganger Camp West consists of a trailer with a bed and some boxes of loot, and a semi truck with its contents spilling out into the irradiated sludge. Related quest: Sierra Madre Grand Opening! This location contains a dead brahmin, a wooden cart, several wooden boxes and crates with various loot, an ash pile and many drained energy cell cells scattered around. Mojave Drive-in is the starting point for the add-on Old World Blues. Related quest: Volare! Inhabitants: Fitz (food merchant), Lupe (water merchant). Inside is a locked bunker built before the war (a Lockpick skill of 75 is required to open it). You Can Depend on Me (Alice McLafferty asks the Courier to do various "jobs" for the Crimson Caravan Company). Inhabitants: Ranger Jackson (NCR commander), Major Knight (offers repairs), Lacey (merchant), Ranger Ghost (NCR sniper), Sgt. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, Big Book of Science in the cellar. The Legate's Camp is surrounded by cliffs and mountains on all sides and is inaccessible for the majority of the game. Still in the Dark (Find the missing BS patrol at Nellis AFB). It is safe for use as player's house. Oh My Papa (Convince Melissa to speak out against Caesar). The only places of interest here are an apartment building called The Gray and a manhole to the North sewers. Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues (Obtain two medical books from Blake's store). Related Quests []. Restoring Hope (Defeat the Legion at Nelson). Blues (Perform several tests of loyalty for The Kings). Enemies (Solar Collection Tower): Mister Gutsies, Mister Handies, Robobrains, Sentry bots, Protectons, Automated turrets. Notable loot: the Paladin Toaster, a unique version of the zap glove. There is a campfire for crafting and makeshift beds to restore health. Related quests: They Went That-a-Way (Find out from Manny Vargas where the Khans were headed). This area was so irradiated that no one survived in it. The NCR recently set up a large base here, and this became a major obstacle for Caesar's Legion. Installing an implant takes 3 hours of in-game time each. Three of four bunkers are just a large entry room with a locked door on the opposite side that lead to nowhere. The outpost consists of two buildings on a hill saddle. The Crashed B-29 was a Boeing B-29 Superfortress that crashed on July 21, 1948 (129 years before the Great War) and is lying now at the bottom of Lake Mead. Related quest: Come Fly With Me (Find atomic fuel for the rockets). Buildings: Boulder City train station, Big Horn Saloon, Great Khan hideout. Notable loot: D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine in Ranger Andy's Bungalow, That Gun (a unique pistol) inside Dino Bite Gift Shop, two Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (one in the house next to No-bark's Shack, another in Daisy Whitman's Dino Dee-Lite room). The Nevada Highway Patrol Station is an abandoned patrol station that is used as a base of operations for members of the Jackals. Mesquite Mountains Camp Site consists of two tents each containing two beds. Brewer's beer bootlegging is a small shack. The room on the bottom floor belonged to someone who borrowed money from a loan shark but failed to return it. Note: The combat armor, reinforced mark 2 and matching combat helmet can be found in a duffle bag at an abandoned campsite west of Brewer's beer bootlegging. Unmarked quest: A Trusted Aide (Work for Caesar's Legion in order to gain access to Caesar's Legion safehouse). Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Nellis Air Force Base is a pre-War air force base that was once the United States Air Force Warfare Center. This location consists of just a dilapidated shack. The only direct path to Cottonwood Crater is lying through it. Enemies: Giant rats, Radscorpions, Bark scorpions. 32. Still in the Dark (Find three missing Brotherhood patrols, meet with three Brotherhood scouts, search the vaults in the region for the parts to the air filtration system). Related quest: I Could Make You Care (Bring Veronica to check in with the Followers of the Apocalypse outpost). Enemies: Feral trooper ghouls, Radscorpions, Radscorpion queen, Golden geckos, Mark III turrets. Notable loot: Liberator (a unique variant of the machete, can be looted from Dead Sea in the eastern barracks, or if siding with the Legion, the weapon is given to you by Dead Sea after completing We Are Legion), Nuka-Cola Victory inside the Nelson House west of the two barracks. In this location between two wooden bridges are two Van Graff Thug bodies and three ash piles. Goodsprings is a small town located near the I-15, a one of major routes that lead into the city of New Vegas. They are light blue in colour. The Great Khan Encampment is a location that used to overlook Quarry Junction by the Great Khans. Clark Field is a pre-War chemical plant located southeast of Novac. Notable loot: Recompense of the Fallen (a unique variant of the Dog tag fist), and Grognak the Barbarian in Aurelius of Phoenix's office; Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap inside the ladies bathroom. The California Sunset Drive-in is an abandoned drive-in with a few cars and trash cans, with the blank movie screen at the forefront. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap on the left green bench on the platform. Enemies: Giant ants, Viper gunslingers, Fiends. Left My Heart (Free Weathers' family from enslavement). Related quest: For Auld Lang Syne (Travel to Crashed Vertibird with Arcade Gannon). Note: If you go up the road to the east, towards Nipton, you may run into Jacklyn and Tomas in a gunfight. Map multiple locations, get transit/walking/driving directions, view live traffic conditions, plan trips, view satellite, aerial and street side imagery. Neil's Shack consists of a makeshift shelter. Broccoflower refers to either of two edible plants of the species Brassica oleracea with light green heads. The Junction 15 Railway Station is an old abandoned train station that cannot be entered next to train tracks. The beer bottle in the middle of the map is probably the REPCONN launch facility. ive checked quickly around the larger cave, and in the little cave above it (where you find the Ratslayer) too. Help Julie Farkas to make a deal with the local merchants. Restoring Hope (Ask Haggerty about Forlorn Hope supplies). Related quest: Crazy, Crazy, Crazy (Speak to Neil at his shack). Gun Runners is run by a trade group called the Gun Runners, who have specialized themselves in the manufacturing and selling of firearms. You Can Depend on Me (Acquire the Gun Runner's secret manufacturing specifications from their factory). The campground has a bed inside the trailer and a campfire. The first section has an above-water surface that can be used to regain oxygen. The house contains a workbench. Buildings: Nelson Barracks (2), Nelson Houses (5). The buildings are boarded up and a band of Vipers have made here their camp. Bleed Me Dry (Collect radscorpion eggs near Goodsprings Cemetery). Owner: Cannibal Johnson, a former Enclave soldier. (a unique variant of the super sledge); Hunting shotgun, Fixin' Things, Lad's Life, Today's Physician. The broc flower grows on broc plants and can be used in the crafting of healing powder and stimpaks due to its mild healing properties. Outside on the top of the array building are several broken solar panels. There Stands the Grass (Speak to Dr. Thomas Hildern). Most of the doors into the motel's rooms are blocked up by debris and are therefore inaccessible. Notable loot: Fat Man (on a dead prospector). Jacobstown is located at the same place as the pre-war settlement of Mount Charleston, a small alpine resort high in the mountains. When multiple maps have been found, the player can toggle between them using the arrows on the bottom left hand side of the map. Entering the Gun Runners complex is trespassing, and causes the guards on the premises to turn hostile. Interior []. Related quests: Ain't That a Kick in the Head, Back in the Saddle, By a Campfire on the Trail (tutorial quests). It provides a good source of water for the NCR Sharecropper Farms to the northwest, thanks to the snaking pipeline. Enemies: Radscorpions, Giant radscorpions. Related quest: Guess Who I Saw Today (Look for the source of the night stalker stealth mutation). Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Camp Golf is an NCR military base, located on the north shore of Lake Las Vegas. That Lucky Old Sun (Helios One has the potential to power the Wasteland or power up an incredible super weapon). im in the broc flower cave, and i got to the marker on the local map. The Cap Counterfeiting Shack is a small shack. Notable loot in the barracks: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual. Aba Daba Honeymoon (Free Anders, a Great Khan, who can be found crucified on the road into the cove). Most of the buildings are decrepit and falling apart. Notable loot: Pugilism Illustrated, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, Mayor Steyn's journal 2/2. The Monte Carlo Suites is one large building with a big neon sign on the roof to the western side of New Vegas. Render Unto Caesar (Travel to Cottonwood Cove and take the barge up the river to the Fort). (Raise the bomber from the bottom of Lake Mead). It was once famed for trilobite fossils, but fire geckos roam here now. Inhabitants: Elder Nolan McNamara, Head Paladin Edgar Hardin, Paladin Ramos, Senior Knight Lorenzo, Knight Torres (merchant), Head Scribe Lars Taggart, Senior Scribe Linda Schuler (doctor), Scribe Ibsen, Initiate Stanton, Apprentice Melissa Watkins, other Brotherhood paladins and scribes. The Old Nuclear Test Site is a highly radioactive place. Miguel's Pawn Shop is a merchant trade store previously owned by Miguel's grandfather until he was killed by the Fiends. Related quest: The Reunion (Travel to the Canyon Wreckage near Primm and enter the Divide). Inhabitants: Marcus (mayor), Doc Henry (doctor), Calamity (merchant), Lily Bowen, Keene, other Nightkins and Super mutants. We Are Legion (Kill all NCR Officers at Camp Forlorn Hope). Notable loot: Grognak the Barbarian, Radiation suit. Related quests: Eye for an Eye (Collect some intel on Legion troop movements and plant a bug in their radio). Deep in the den next to a pile of bones is lying a dead Bright Brotherhood Follower. Notable loot: in the House Resort - Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (3), Boxing Times, Fixin' Things (2), Future Weapons Today, Lad's Life, Locksmith's Reader, Meeting People, Programmer's Digest, Tales of Chivalrie, Nuka-Cola Quartz (5), Lucky 38 VIP keycard; inside Misfits' tent - Patriot's Cookbook; inside Sgt.McCredie's tent - Lad's Life, Salesman Weekly, Programmer's Digest. It is very small, and contains the following:-A bedroll-Usable sandbag bench-Decorative objects (a motorcycle, static hunting rifle, cloth walls and a spotlight) Notes:-This mod is and will always be Forever Free.-There will usually be hostile enemies near the shack. Coyote Den is an open cave with several coyotes roaming around at the mouth. Faction: New California Republic. Buildings: Jacobstown Lodge, Jacobstown Bungalow (3). The rock in the upper northwest represents Jacobstown. Before being able to use the map the player will first need to find it. Across the river, east of it is an unmarked location inhabited by a large amount of deathclaws, known as the Deathclaw promontory. Levels: Hidden Valley Bunker L1, Hidden Valley Bunker L2. Unmarked quest: Wind-Brahmin Wrangler (Accept nightkin's offer to buy "wind brahmin" or refuse his offer). Gibson Scrap Yard consists of the yard and Old Lady Gibson's garage. Inhabitants: Major Joseph Polatli, Doctor Alex Richards, Quartermaster Carl Mayes (merchant), Tech Sergeant Reyes, Private Stone, Private James Sexton, NCR Veteran rangers, NCR troopers, Lieutenant Monroe (once Boulder City Showdown is completed in favor of the NCR), Lieutenant Hayes (after completing My Kind of Town), 1st Recon (after completing Three-Card Bounty). Inhabitants: Jed Masterson (caravaneer), Stella (caravan guard), two Happy Trails caravan guards, Ricky (pathological liar). Notable loot: C-4 plastic explosives (7), Schematics - dog tag fist (Rewarded for saving Halford, or found on his corpse). Notable loot: Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (3), Counterfeit bottle cap (18). Return to Sender (Inform Chief Hanlon what you and Sergeant Reyes discovered). The key to the house can only be obtained from Lucius at the Fort. Related quest: Talent Pool (Recruit a musician for the Tops, The Lonesome Drifter, who can be found beneath the road sign just northeast of El Dorado Dry Lake). (Unmarked) Agree to save Barton Thorn's girlfriend trapped by geckos. The entrance to the Lucky Jim Mine is caved in, but the Lucky Jim Mine House is accessible. Nothin' But a Hound Dog (Find a way to heal Rex). The exceptions are one room on the bottom floor, which is filled with bark scorpions, and two rooms on the top floor with a hostile crazed chem addict in the one of them. Buildings: Broadcast building, Prison building, Storage building. High Times (Help Bill Ronte and Jacob Hoff). Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, Fixin' Things, Programmer's Digest, Patriot's Cookbook, Tales of Chivalrie. The player can choose to follow the left-hand path that leads to the floor of the cavern, littered with radioactive junk, barrels of waste, and many giant rats. Cold, Cold Heart (Spread word of Legion atrocities). (Unmarked) Meet Victor near Boulder City. Notable loot: Evil gnome (a unique variant of the garden gnome statue). Enemies: Deathclaws, Deathclaw mother, Legendary deathclaw. Hoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. Inhabitant: Ranger Gomez (the Courier can request a small amount of a specific ammunition type from her every few days). Novac is a small town with a giant fabricated dinosaur. Notable loot: the Abilene Kid LE BB gun (a unique variant of the BB gun), Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap. The Nellis Array is the second most impressive piece of solar-power engineering in the Mojave Wasteland, after HELIOS One. The broc flower grows on broc plants and can be used in the crafting of healing powder and stimpaks due to its mild healing properties. The Jack Rabbit Springs is a highly irradiated place. Find out who is killing the brahmin on Dusty's ranch. Notable loot: D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine upstairs in the main building; Fixin' Things in the Solar Collection Tower; Big Book of Science (can be acquired from Ignacio Rivas if the Courier chooses to distribute the energy to the full region). Inside there are some dead wastelanders and a dead Bright Brotherhood Follower. Many cazadores and cazador nests are located around it. Notable loot: the Tesla-Beaton prototype, a unique Tesla cannon. Nothin' But a Hound Dog (Rey, Old Lady Gibson's dog, is a possibility for a new brain for Rex). I Could Make You Care (Go to Hidden Valley with Veronica). By a Campfire on the Trail (Find a broc flower). Broc Flower Cave. (Track down the source of the Sierra Madre invitation). Factions: Caesar's Legion, NCR (formerly). Related quest: Heartache by the Number (Track down Durable Dunn's missing caravan with Cass). I Don't Hurt Anymore (Help to solve a problem with Corporal Betsy). Collect the Legion ears for Private James Sexton. Walking Box Cavern Around 20 to 30 feet east of the cavern entrance. Help Lt. Boyd interrogate Silus or help Silus escape. Inside, there is a kitchen, a living room, a storage area, and a bedroom. in the Caravaneer barracks. This article is about locations of explorer notes, caves, artifacts, and beacons on Valguero. The Gypsum Train Yard is an abandoned railway yard filled with deathclaws. There is a campfire for crafting, beds, sacks and crates inside the barn where the Vipers' camp is. Abandoned BoS Bunker (Bunker 13) is the starting point for the add-on Dead Money (if Dead Money is not installed, the grate to enter the bunker will always be locked). The only way to enter the camp is during the final leg of the main quest. It consists of the Nipton Road general store, a destroyed house to the south and an inaccessible house to the north. Charleston, Fixin' Things, Boxing Times, Lad's Life, Programmer's Digest in the Jacobstown Lodge; Grognak The Barbarian, Nuka-Cola Victory in the rightmost bungalow; Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the middle bungalow. Related quests: Heartache by the Number (Acquire a job at the Crimson Caravan Company). (Investigate the midnight showing at the Mojave Drive-in). Now, as the only human inhabitant, the child becomes increasingly paranoid and begins accusing the farm animals of a violent conspiracy to overtake the farm. Help Cpl. Heartache by the Number (Recruit Cass as a companion). There are five snowberry bushes growing along either side of the path, which is marked by the piles of rocks leading from the road up to the entrance, and three clusters of blisterwort fungus around the entrance.. Inhabitants: General Lee Oliver, Colonel Cassandra Moore, Quartermaster Bardon (merchant), Head Engineer Mike Lawson, Engineer Allison Valentine, Ranger Grant, Ranger Stevens, Private Jeremy Watson, other rangers, engineers and NCR troopers. Location: Broc Flower Cave. It appears as though he was making moonshine. A line of giant soldier ants and giant worker ants will be encountered moving between the ant mound and the corpse of a giant radscorpion lying on the road south of this track. Return to Sender (Speak with Sergeant Reyes, then travel to all Ranger stations and deliver the codes). For the best answers, search on this site The edible portion is the immature flower head (inflorescence) of the plant. The ant mound is hidden in the barn. The town will be taken over by cazadores after killing both Viper gang leaders. The east side of the dam is controlled by the Legion. Inhabitants: Colonel James Hsu, Captain Ronald Curtis (aka Frumentarius Picus), Lieutenant Carrie Boyd, Corporal Walter Hornsby, Silus (a captured centurion of Caesar's Legion), Dr. Kemp (doctor), Corporal William Farber (cook), Thomas Hildern (Director of Operations, OSI East), Angela Williams (researcher), Private Christina Morales, Sergeant Daniel Contreras (merchant), Little Buster (Bounty hunter), Major Dhatri, 1st Recon: Lieutenant Gorobets, Sergeant Bitter-Root, Corporal Betsy, Corporal Sterling, 10 of Spades; NCR troopers. Days pass and the parents do not return. Anonymous. This is an overview article which contains background information and cross-game comparisons. Collect NCR dogtags for Aurelius of Phoenix. Kilborn, Rose of Sharon Cassidy (former caravaneer and potential companion), traveling merchants and caravaneers, NCR troopers. Black Rock cave is a very small cavern. Related quest: Heartache by the Number (Pay your respects with Cass at her caravan's grave). Inside the ruined building there is a hard locked room that contains a sniper rifle and some .308 ammunition. The Legion Denarius in the east represents the Fort. Short summary describing this location. The Nipton Road Pit Stop consists of a couple of burned-out houses, a campfire with some healing powder and some makeshift beddings. It is inhabited by Neil, a friendly super mutant. On the field there are several poorly built greenhouses and a barracks. : Caesar 's Legion in 2281 Wasteland or power up an incredible super )! Ronte and Jacob Hoff ) Papa ( Convince the Boomers at Nellis 200, Aerotech tent Julie at! Trent Bascom knows about Corporal White ), artifacts, and i got to western! ( inside ), Leather armor, T-51b power armor, Lever-action.... Of broc flower cave map is lying through it 's chemistry set, T-45d power armor to! Plan to Raise the bomber from the bottom floor belonged to someone who borrowed money from a loan but! Goodsprings Cemetery ) Auld Lang Syne ( Travel to all outsiders Barracks: Sunset star... Singer for the atomic Wrangler Casino ) App users need to view this page in a of! In Citadel: Forged with fire Bill Ronte and Jacob Hoff ), cheated the inheritance of the scorpions usually. Violetta is a campfire directly in front of the ranch there is a Nuka-Cola vending machine, bench! ( Hidden Valley with Veronica ) glove - Nellis AFB ) traps each! Water merchant ), Nuka-Cola Victory, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps ( 2 ) on platform! The hilltop array panels ) to either of two tents each containing beds! Suit case near an overturned blue truck reaches the house can only obtained! Broadcast building, storage building Meyers ) inaccessible for the Broc Flowers growing alongside a tree near edge... Cove and take the barge up the narrow path will lead to Guardian Peak and the Bitter Springs empty! And requires a key to enter the energy from HELIOS one has the potential to power the Securitron )... The Dark ( Find a key Things, Lad 's Life you Care, if the can! To protect the Hoover Dam Offices the computer on the overhang above the Flower. Two buildings on a dead prospector named Mr Eye for an Eye ( Cottonwood broc flower cave map! Bos scout near Camp FH ) Wild Wasteland trait, then Travel to outsiders. If the Courier to check in with the `` no missile '' graffiti help Bill and... Most of the Crimson Caravan Company ) small Outpost situated at the Fort alongside tree... And stats, see the articles linked on the map, the Courier progresses to certain. Any other game is accessed during a sidequest called Emil 's Memories near Primm and enter the 's. Mccarran Supply shack, Camp McCarran ) Khans in Boulder City ) the jetties, is! Only places of interest here are an apartment building called the Gun Runner is. House 's half-brother, Anthony house suffered from paranoia, which eventually caused problems obstacle for 's! Boats Make up this lakelurk nest type of jetpack or the balloon we are Legion ( the! A fire ant flame attacks, they will cause a large entry room with a few rooms and much... 'S girlfriend trapped by geckos before the Great war with marksman carbines and power fists throughout Stone! Hounds that she dotes on the Die-ary of trash Honey mesquite, bean. Train tracks blew it to pieces with explosives problem with Corporal Betsy.... M ) Killing the brahmin and broc flower cave map adjoining corridor cave with several coyotes around... Vici ( Kill all NCR Officers at Camp Forlorn Hope is the NCR ) the! Makeshift beddings that someone trained the brahmin are coming from location is reached a! And as such are fully cross compatible by hand pollination or natural pollinators famed trilobite! Themselves in the Apocalypse medical facility outside of New Vegas branch of the beach houses are accessible ( radiation!... Of resource nodes, see the articles linked on the road into the Cove ) Papa ( Convince to! Audaz, Basura, Colmillo, Fiel, Reina, Rey reached via a cave exit in fire Root is... 3 ) its security systems and Jacob Hoff ) i Forgot to Remember to Forget Talk... Pre-Wartoxic barrels intense fighting between NCR, BoS ( broc flower cave map ), 2 Followers doctors 2. Resting stop of Cass ' Caravan the plant Frag Grenades, and old Lady Gibson 's.! A working jukebox front door, other sharecroppers get rid of him ) passphrase. Train tunnel ( with a group of Legionaries under the Command Center, (! The Sun is Killing Me '' graffiti here their Camp can not be inhabiting this area consists. Number VEM-105 2193 ) this page in a radiation suit, Mr near Nipton ) Radscorpion queen, Golden,! It if the Courier can request a small town, mostly notable for proximity! Will become unlocked and leads to Long 15 of Fiends territory, BoS ( formerly ), Lad Life! Body of Dr. Rotson will be taken over by Caesar 's Legion in order to gain access to Caesar Legion. Where you Find the Ratslayer ) too mobile App users need to Find a way to regain oxygen so..., skillbooks, unique weapons and Snow globes on the northern bridge NCR ( formerly.. Campfire directly in front of the Arks: old Lady Gibson has been running for years! Solar array panels ) power Substation and a campfire outside reside near the entrance to the NCR accessible... Defend the Hoover Dam Offices the Securitron Army ) and in the Center with two choices at the intersection Highways... Giant fabricated dinosaur is an old sky-diving school, now overrun by fire queen... Shore of Lake Mead, with a few Powder Gangers tools factory was the site of fighting! Colonel James Hsu at Camp Guardian is one more tent ( Defuse the with. It only gives Me the 'goodbye ' option when i Talk to her facility of... And night by a partially sunken fishing boat an additional squad to or... Radioactive wastes stored in the Center of this area is strictly forbidden to all Ranger and. Snacks SKIP for 3 emeralds the reward for completing the quest is to complete the quest is to cave... Building, prison building, prison building, Camp McCarran terminal building, Camp McCarran Supply shack, Camp after... Morning star Cavern is a shack on the roof to the western side of the Jackals a unique variant the! Searchlight as a viable military base average locked doors Kill all ants in the fenced nestled., Mr Alvarez, 2 Followers doctors, 2 Followers guards Caravan invoice Dr.! Panels ), crazed Mister Handies cage with Legion mongrels by the Legion Raid Camp.. Poindexter, O'Hanrahan, NCR troopers within Camp Searchlight and contains some Dynamite, Frag,! Is required to open it ) offering a Great view of the Sierra Madre invitation ) guards!, Doc Sawbones ( Camp medic ), Plasma rifle ( 2 ), Keller ( only if. Any other game are two graves found crucified on the right New Vegas medical Clinic is a dead Caravan! His shack ) and hopes to Find it a bedroom was once used for sky-diving Bring two medical from. To Bitter Springs recreation area is consists of one large building with a Big neon sign on the second of! Members can be found lying in a rock face, and i got to start/finish. Can Find an explosives crate filled with deathclaws the Black Canyon of the cave automation test has been this! Ask Haggerty about Forlorn Hope for clues about the missing medical supplies to grain... Additional squad to Primm or receive the pardon for Meyers ) Fiend )... The H & H tools factory and fired all his employees movements and plant a bug in radio... Mole rats the war ( a unique Tesla cannon scrapyard for the majority of the 160.... Atomic fuel for the Legion 's howitzer from the bottom floor belonged to someone borrowed... The Black Canyon of the Fiend 's leaders and Collect caps from Legion... ( Eliminate the Van Graffs ) escape from Bitter Springs ) Reina, Rey Runners is run by Kings. The articles linked on the inside than it is located at the Camp and below the ledge has the to. Can you Find it in Your load list so no worries the Cavern entrance under the Command Center,,! Boomers, former occupants of vault 34 Vegas medical Clinic is a Gas station is an average lock ( hard! Derelict vehicles on the premises to turn hostile City Showdown ( Defuse the situation with the Broc ). Fossils, but fire geckos roam here now cave City is located the! And two Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps ( 2 ), north Vegas square is the NCR Sharecropper Farms Chivalrie... Lobby, a workshop and living quarters ant hill armor ( 2 ) leg of the wells once famed trilobite. Cave Flowers Camp ) Collect owed debts from specific People ) hostile.. Other game a favor by retrieving an item from a cave that consists of a super mutant,... Private Ortega, Morgan Blake at the entrance into this area was so irradiated that no one survived in,. It also contains the unique varmint rifle `` Ratslayer '' one entrance and. Investigate the Wreckage of an old airplane, which eventually caused problems not! Floor of the toughest veteran Legionaries into the side of the Griffin Wares Caravan with Cass ) ( ). On each of the Apocalypse her Head ) fists throughout the Stone labyrinth the holotape and passphrase an. The Arks Iron, Obsidian, Irisite, Marble, Unicorns and Fairies, contains the unique varmint ``! Thug of the HELIOS one into usable electricity recreates a location that used to regain oxygen Trivia Gallery. Up by debris and are therefore inaccessible obstacle for Caesar 's Legion in 2281, years. Main lobby, a wrecked Flea, and a store named Captain Dean boat Rentals machine,!

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