Pokemon Go Gifts a City and a Grandson to a Lonely Widow

One never knows the places that life might unexpectedly lead you to when you least expect it.  This is the story of Sofia and Diego.  Sofia is a widowed woman in her late 60s.  Diego is a 7-year old adventurer from Barcelona, who also happens to be Sofia’s grandson.
Sofia and Diego would find a lynchpin between them, and even between themselves and the world around them.  That lynchpin is none other than Pokemon Go, the go outdoors app that sends you into the world looking for Pokemons (gotta catch them all, you know).

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Meet Sofia: a 67-year-old widow who uses Pokémon Go to reconnect with her city – The Conversation AU
1 July 2019 | 7:38 pm

The Conversation – Meet the 67-year-old nurse Sofia, who lives in Badalona in Spain. After losing her husband to cancer a decade ago, Sofia initially found it hard to fight the grief and depression. Her daughters and grandchildren helped her in this transition.

Sofia is especially close to her seven-year-old grandson, Diego. They do many activities together, constantly sharing intergenerational skills. It was Diego who first introduced Sofia to Pokémon Go.

As they wandered the streets of Badalona together, Diego would show her the digital overlays of Pokémon Go that reinvented Sofia’s everyday experiences of mundane spaces.

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