Dr. Heavy Metal is a Thing Which is Real

Bang your head, Dr.  That’s right, you can be a Doctor just for banging your head.  Well, sort of…..If you go to the right kind of school, you can get a PhD for doing it…

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You can now get a PhD in Heavy Metal from the University of Newcastle – Mixdown
2 July 2019 | 1:10 am

Mixdown – According to Anarchist Geography, a site run by University of Newcastle’s Director of Human Geography Simon Springer, there are two fully-funded PhD scholarships up for grabs. This will include the Geography of Heavy Metal Music course, as well as Geographies of Homelessness, Veganism and Unschooling.
“Heavy Metal is a global phenomenon, representing a major cultural trend for the past four decades,” the description reads. “Numerous sub-genres exist within the general framework of Heavy Metal, each representing unique subcultures.”




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