At Long Last, Researchers Gain Control of DNA-Based Robots

THE Ohio State University (you have to say it that way, it’s the law) has announced findings that show how researchers are now, at long last, able to control DNA-based robots.  Did you even know DNA-based robots was a thing?  Well, it is, and thank whoever and whatever I have to thank that they FINALLY got control of DNA-freaking-based robots, though, as you hear more, you’ll see it’s not as all doomy and scary as PG Gordy makes it out to be (but his way is way funner, methinks, even though I am him, but I am STILL unbiased).

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Breakthrough in controlling DNA-based robots – The Ohio State University News
1 June 2018 | 7:00 am
OSU News -Researchers have devised a magnetic control system to make tiny DNA-based robots move on demand—and much faster than recently possible.

In the journal Nature Communications, Carlos Castro and Ratnasingham Sooryakumar and their colleagues from The Ohio State University report that the control system reduced the response time of prototype nano-robot components from several minutes to less than a second.

Not only does the discovery represent a significant improvement in speed, this work and one other recent study herald the first direct, real-time control of DNA-based molecular machines.

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