The A.I. Arms Race

With the rise of A.I.-assisted cyber attacks, military strategizing, and even patrol operations using unmanned vehicles, the race to develop your own A.I.’s that are more analytically powerful than your enemies becomes increasingly vital.  Skynet, in the end, might end up being an A.I. civil war, not a machine versus human contest for survival.

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China and Iran Hacks Demonstrate Need for Better AI-Based Defense – Datanami
25 June 2019 | 11:48 pm

Earlier today, the US-Israeli security firm Cybereason released a report explaining how hackers that are suspected to be backed by the Chinese government infiltrated at least 10 global telecommunications carriers over multiple years to access customer information. “Operation Soft Cell,” as Cybereason called the attack, utilized “espionage and a web of theft targeting specific individuals on different continents likely working in government, law enforcement and politics,”

That came on the heels of a warning from the Department of Homeland Security urging American businesses to be aware of a wave of cyber-attacks from Iran and its proxies. “Iranian regime actors and proxies are increasingly using destructive ‘wiper’ attacks, looking to do much more than just steal data and money,” stated Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Christopher C. Krebs on June 22.

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