Smashing Pumpkins Zen from Cranes

Sometimes, you have to say to yourself, friend, friend of me that is me, why, why have I never considered the full scientific and physical and lulz-like qualities of dropping a 1000 pound fatty orange boy from umpty ducking feet high and measuring the full effects of the wonder of that thing?  Well, some dream this dream, a dream more common than the one where you wake up naked in front of class, the impossible dream for the perfect smashing pumpkin zen that can right the world, and yes, right the world they did, because this dream became our Lulz of the Day.

Wire – Watch This Giant Pumpkin Crush a Car Because Self Care Is Important

From Vice –

What would happen if you dropped a 1,300-pound pumpkin onto a car? Like, a for-real car that somebody once drove around and wrote “PLAN // AHEA // D” on before it ended up in the junk yard.

I don’t know why the folks at Ed Dunneback & Girls Fruit Farm in Massachusetts decided to do just that, but I’m glad that they did. Forget face masks and scented candles; sometimes you need self-care that feels as angry as you are, something destructive rather than constructive, something big but abstract, visceral but consequence-less.

Let’s go to the video:


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