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Bethlehem Protest Ordinance Draws……Protests

WFMZ -Bethlehem Mayor Robert Donchez indefinitely pulled an ordinance from Bethlehem City Council’s Tuesday night agenda requiring demonstrators to obtain a city permit before engaging in a protest…..The ordinance pulled Tuesday night requires that six or more individuals who wish to stage a protest obtain a city permit five days before it occurs. An exception in the proposed law waives the five-day requirement if the protest is in response to a current event.   Should the law eventually be enacted, those that fall under its guidelines will be required to pay a permit application fee and complete an application. Law enforcement officials will then review the application for any potential issues they believe would likely require a larger police presence. | go to source

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Allentown is Home to Robot-Human Cohabitation in Amazon Warehouse

Mcall – Amazon employees start their shifts passing through turnstiles and a sign reminding them what they can’t bring with them as they report for work alongside robots.  Cellphones, belts, keys and loose change must be stored away in one of hundreds of lockers by the break area at the West Deptford, New Jersey, fulfillment center. Inside, 7.75-inch-tall robots that can carry up to 1,250 lbs. and have no resemblance to the humanoid robots of science fiction, help them do their jobs. | go to source

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Perkasie Stunned with Sudden Death of Police Chief

Mcall Online -Condolences flooded Perkasie Borough offices Monday after the sudden death of police Chief Steven Hillias on Sunday. He was 49.  The nature of the medical episode he suffered while off duty had not been determined, but officials said it was unexpected and he had not been battling illness. | go to source


  • After Newborn Found in Paint Bucket, Mother Faces Murder Charges

    WFMZ - . - Pennsylvania State Police have charged an Allentown woman with homicide after a 2017 search of her former North Whitehall Township home turned up her newborn baby in a five-gallon paint bucket.  State police charged Ashley Caraballo, of East Fairview Street, with homicide, concealing the death of a child and abuse of corpse in connection to the death of her newborn son. District Judge Jacob Hammond arraigned the 30-year-old Wednesday morning. She's being held without bail. | go to sourc […]

  • Allentown Debates “Inclusionary Zoning for Cheap Housing

    WFMZ-  Tuesday night's town hall meeting addressed a proposal to introduce "inclusionary zoning" in Allentown.  The proposal would make it mandatory for developers to include a certain amount of affordable housing in parts of the city. | go to sourc […]

  • After Tax Increase Approved, Bethlehem Teachers Get Pay Raise

    Lehigh Valley Live -  The Bethlehem Area School District teachers got a new four-year contract on Monday. It’s approval comes 12 days before the previous pact was due to expire.  The board voted 8-0 to approve the pact with board member Rogelio Ortiz absent.  Superintendent Joseph Roy noted the contract was approved in a year where the board approved a budget with no tax increase. | go to sourc […]

  • Pot Store to Come to Bethlehem Township….Maybe

    WFMZ   -  Bethlehem Township commissioners held a hearing on allowing a medical marijuana dispensary to open in the township.  Justice Grown, which operates a dispensary in Luzerne County and plans to open another in Lackawanna County, wants to open a dispensary at 3650 Nazareth Pike (Linden Street). | go to sourc […]

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